Mr. Voice

A free audio tool designed to make improv shows (like ComedySportz) easier.

About Mr. Voice

Mr. Voice is an interface between a database of songs, an audio player, and audio files. It is designed for shortform improv shows, such as ComedySportz, and is intended to make playing the right bit of audio as fast as your brain.

First developed in the early 2000s, it is in desparate need of a rewrite. Until that happens, though, there are builds available for Windows and Mac that still work.

Download Mr. Voice

You can download Mr. Voice for free. It is open source software, and is compiled for both Windows and Mac OS X. Windows users also need to get WinAmp. Mac OS X users need to download XQuartz.

Download Windows Download OS X Get Source Code


Feel free to email Wade if you have any questions, or to download a more complete Mr. Voice kit (songs and a populated database).